If you need a loan or a credit card, make Sea West your first stop.  We offer great rates on all types of loans.  No matter whether you want to buy a car, a house, pay for college, or just consolidate your bills, Sea West is here to help.  We can also refinance mortgages, home equity, personal and vehicle loans.


We offer:


  • Auto Loans
  • Boat/RV/Motorcycle Loans
  • Home Equity
  • Home Loans
  • Lines of Credit/Overdraft Protection
  • Other Loans
  • Personal Loans


Why borrow at Sea West?


  • We have loans for virtually every purpose.
  • Apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, online or by phone.
  • Rates are very competitive and usually better than those at the big banks.  We offer personalized merit-based pricing on all vehicle and personal loans, so you get the rate your good credit record deserves.
  • Fast and friendly service from an organization you don’t simply do business with, but as a member you are a part owner.
  • Loan payments can be made automatically from your Sea West checking account, or by arranging transfers from your other Sea West accounts using Virtual Branch Online Banking or SeaQuest24 Automated Telephone Banking.  You can also mail or pay in person at a Sea West branch.
  • As a benefit to our members, we offer Voluntary Payment Protection on all vehicle and personal loans. Payment Protection is optional, will not affect your eligibility for a loan and can be cancelled at anytime. Get details when you apply for a loan.
  • We also offer Guaranteed Asset Protection and Mechanical Breakdown Protection on most vehicles.