Your savings account is your primary Sea West membership account and can be opened with just $5.00. You will have a sound place to save regularly and earn competitive dividend rates on balances of $100 or more. Savings can be withdrawn at any time and are totally liquid.


Sea West offers three basic savings plans:


  • Regular Savings
  • Term Certificates
  • Holiday Club


Why Save At Sea West?


  • Competitive dividend rates
  • A variety of savings products to choose from gives you flexibility for meeting your short- or long-term savings needs
  • Guaranteed returns
  • Convenient 24-hour access to your account, wherever you are in the world
  • Safety and Soundness


Your funds on deposit are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).


Our financial records are examined periodically by the National Credit Union Administration and our accounts are audited regularly by a firm of certified public accountants as directed by our Supervisory Committee.


Regular Savings


Saving in your Credit Union will help you prepare for the future and the unexpected. We offer an unbeatable combination: safety and competitive rates that enable you to save money to meet your specific financial goals.


To maintain your Sea West membership, simply keep a minimum balance of $5.00 in your savings account.


Benefits of a Sea West Regular Savings Account:


  • No monthly fees or charges
  • Free overdraft protection for your checking account
  • Earn competitive dividends
  • All funds are federally insured up to $250,000
  • 24 hour access to your funds using online banking, telephone banking or at ATMs


Term Certificates


Term Certificate Accounts offer competitive rates, a variety of terms to fit every savings need and a bonus Bump Up Option.


  • You can open a certificate account with as little as $500 and choose terms ranging from 3 to 60 months.
  • Funds deposited into Term Certificates are locked in for the term you select and the amount you choose to deposit.
  • Sea West also offers you a one-time option to bump up a term certificate with a term of 24 months or longer and a minimum balance of $2,500.
  • If our rates increase and are higher than what you are earning on your certificate of the same term, you can opt to increase the dividend rate paid on your certificate.


Holiday Club


One way to enjoy the holidays is to avoid the stress of going into debt. Sound impossible? With a Sea West Holiday Club Account, we make it easy to put a little aside all year long! Come the holiday season, you have a nice nest egg to spend on gifts, travel to relatives, or whatever, without having to pay high interest charges on a credit card.


Open an account at any time during the year. We will help you arrange an automatic transfer from your Sea West Checking or Savings account each pay day so you can enjoy the holiday season without going into debt.


Here’s How It Works:


  • Each month the amount you wish to save will be automatically transferred from your Sea West Checking or Savings account into your Holiday Club Account.
  • Competitive dividend rates are paid monthly on average daily balances of $100 or more.
  • Before the holidays the entire balance including dividends will be transferred to the Sea West account of your choice.
  • Begin shopping and enjoy the holidays!


For more on saving at Sea West visit a branch or call one of our friendly Member Service Representatives.